Shyfter is a SaaS software for timekeeping and personnel scheduling. As an employer, this tool allows you to manage your employees’ schedules and track their working hours on a tablet or smartphone, whether they’re at their workplace or on the go.


If you manage a hotel establishment or a restaurant, you know that staff scheduling can quickly become a puzzle… Fortunately, at Shyfter, we’ve thought of everything to make your life easier.


Creating schedules for fixed and variable hours, automatic filling, time tracking. But that’s not all: managing leaves and absences, optimizing work schedules, overtime, Dimona, automatic contracts, productivity calculations, salary mass calculations, and more.


All of this, while being connected to Restomax and your social secretariat. Shyfter will continue to surprise you, with guaranteed time savings!

In addition to offering you considerable time savings, Shyfter has many other benefits to offer:


  • Installation in 5 minutes flat
  • Ultra-intuitive and playful interface, accessible 24/7 and 100% secure
  • Free shifts and availability
  • Timekeeping rules
  • Simplified payroll process
  • Productivity calculations
  • Connection to social secretariats and ONSS/RSZ


Thanks to the integration between Shyfter and Restomax, the revenues generated in your establishment, as well as the clock-ins of your employees recorded in the cash register, are fed directly into Shyfter. Additionally, Shyfter provides you with productivity calculations and the real cost of your staff.


This allows you to use an interconnected and fully integrated ecosystem to manage your establishment as simply as possible.


To learn more, visit the Shyfter website: https://shyfter.be

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