AAPI is the digital planning tool that saves you time. With AAPI, you have your planning, follow-up and payroll processing. We keep red tape to a minimum so that you gain the maximum amount of time.mps.




Overview of the main features :

  • Planning and Dimona: With AAPI, you can create contracts and work schedules online in no time at all. Dimona are automatically adapted to the schedule. So you can be sure that everything is correct and that you are socially and legally in order. Before, during and after assignments.
  • Monitoring and communication: AAPI has an ingenious digital time clock. Deviations from the schedule and contractual working hours are immediately detected and corrected. More than dozens of WhatsApp groups. All communication goes through AAPI: employees sign their contracts in AAPI and consult their working hours online.
  • Payroll processing and social secretariat: All your HR and payroll processes are optimised and carried out from A to Z. Without any additional administration. A real-time link with your social secretariat ensures that your file manager always has all the information. That way we avoid duplication.

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