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  • The most comprehensive Point of Sale (POS)
  • A budget tailored to your needs
  • Tablets and smartphones
  • 7/7 customer support
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caisse enregistreuse borne de commande click&collect solution restaurant

Why choose Restomax as your Point of Sale (POS) system provider for your establisment ?


A budget tailored to your needs

RESTOMAX offers you pricing tailored to your specific needs for its products. You won't find the same quality of service at a lower price.

A comprehensive ecosystem

RESTOMAX provides you with a host of features: in-room order-taking, self-ordering kiosk, QR codes, remote printing, seating plans, Uber eats/Deliveroo connection, etc.

Easy & time-saving

RESTOMAX products are very easy to use and you'll quickly observe the huge time savings they'll provide! Our 7/7 customer support is available in case of any difficulties.

The Restomax solutions ecosystem

Restomax solves all your problems

To speed up installations, reduce costs and simplify the management of your establishment, we are the only one-stop shop in Belgium that can meet ALL your needs.

30 solutions to your problems

Restomax expert en caisse enregistreuse en Belgique et en France

The N°1 Cash Register system in Belgium

The RESTOMAX cash register will revolutionize your business. Modern, intuitive and versatile, our restaurant/horeca cash register system is the market leader in Belgium. Discover its many features!

Découvrir notre Cash register for restaurant/horeca
La caisse enregistreuse RESTOMAX pour HORECA
caisse enregistreuse Restomax

Self ordering kiosk for Fast Food & Restaurants

Increase speed, efficiency and human resources by equipping your establishment with a self ordering kiosk fast food

Découvrir notre Self ordering kiosk for Fast food & Restaurant
borne interactive de commande

Click & Collect

With the RESTOMAX Click & Collect service, your customers can order online from your website and pick up their order right at the point of sale.

Découvrir notre Click & Collect
CLICK & COLLECT Restomax pour takeaway
Système de click and collect avec la caisse enregistreuse Restomax

Our customers say it best

Great program, easy to use. The setup went very well, there was good follow-up and the staff is very available.

Laurent Vandermeulen
Avis de client RESTOMAX: l'Antidote, caisse enregistreuse restaurant

It’s a great checkout system: fast, intuitive and packed with features.

François Demoulin
La Guinguette des Elfes, clients RESTOMAX caisse enregistreuse pour restaurant

A wonderful product that changes my daily life as a restaurateur. The technical and telephone assistance is excellent. I totally recommend this cash register solution.

Salvatore Varsalona
Logo du client RESTOMAX Le Beau Lieu caisse enregistreuse restaurant

The installation went well and on time, with training for the cash desk. Using a local company was an important factor in my choice, and I particularly appreciated the follow-up carried out by the installer.

Marie Mayné
Client RESTOMAX Galler Chocolatier

A highly interactive app that offers definite added value for our customers. The team is attentive, competent, involved and proactive in helping us move forward. I’m very happy and would recommend the program to anyone in the industry!

Tonton Chami Madou - Rachid Mallem
Tonton Chami Madou avis sur la caisse enregistreuse RESTOMAX

RESTOMAX is active in more than 20 business sectors

Our Restaurant POS features over 200 easy-to-use functionalities dedicated to your business sector.

Restaurant cash register

Restaurant cash register

Fast food
Caisse enregistreuse pour fast food

Fast food

Caisse enregistreuse pour bar


Coffee bar
caisse enregistreuse coffee-bar - Restomax

Coffee bar

Caisse enregistreuse pour pizzeria


Caisse enregistreuse pour boulangerie de haute qualité


caisse enregistreuse RESTOMAX Belgique


caisse enregistreuse traiteur-Restomax


Gourmet Restaurant
Caisse enregistreuse pour restaurant gastronomique

Gourmet Restaurant

caisse enregistreuse pour foodtruck


Ice cream parlor
caisse enregistreuse glacier - Restomax

Ice cream parlor

Caisse enregistreuse pâtissier - Restomax


About us


One of our company’s greatest assets lies in its Belgian roots. We proudly certify to our customers that all our solutions and services are delivered from Belgium.

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