I would like to boost/scale/improve the organization of my business, but I don’t know what to do?

The RESTOMAX cash register system revolutionizes and streamlines your entire business operation with its comprehensive suite of features:

  • Customizable seating plan management
  • Separate bills
  • Fast payment with debit, credit and cashless cards
  • Remote printing
  • Integration with delivery platforms: Orders from platforms like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, and Takeaway are automatically sent to your till, simplifying order management.
  • Comprehensive statistics (transactions, average sales basket, turnover, etc.)
  • Simplified stock management
  • Automatic invoicing
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People queue for ages in my establishment and may leave because of the wait.

  • The KIOSK RESTOMAX ordering kiosk fast food minimizes counter queues by allowing customers to place orders swiftly and independently, simultaneously reducing your staffing expenses.

How can I increase my average shopping basket?

  • Thanks to the KIOSK RESTOMAX ordering kiosk fast food, you can suggest side dishes or extras (toppings, sauces, drinks, desserts, etc.) when taking an order, resulting in higher shopping baskets amongst your customers.
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I would like my customers to be able to order online from home. How can I do this?

  • With CLIC&COLLECT RESTOMAX, you can put your catalog online and let your customers place orders from the comfort of their own homes.

I have an on-line ordering website, but I can’t manage the flow of orders during peak hours.

  • With CLIC&COLLECT RESTOMAX, you can set the number of orders per time slot to ensure smooth, fast service at all times. Additionally, the calendar feature allows your customers to schedule their orders in advance.
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I would like to avoid queues for ordering or checkout.

  • Thanks to RESTOMAX’s QR code function, you can place a QR code on your tables or displays, enabling customers to order, pay and track their order via their mobile phone.

I don’t have enough staff to take orders at the table. What can I do?

  • With QR codes that you can affix to tables, your customers can order and pay their bill effortlessly. This way, you can allocate your staff to other tasks.
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I have trouble managing customer orders to be prepared for the next day.

  • The integrated ordering system in the RESTOMAX cash register lets you plan your orders, charge down-payments, and export order and item lists with ease. In short, you get organized.

I organize events in different locations, and I’m looking for a solution that’s easy to move around for customer payments.

  • RESTOMAX cash registers come in a convenient tablet format, making them highly portable and easy to use anywhere within your establishment. Additionally, our cash register system offers the flexibility to swiftly adjust your seating plan and associated menu, ensuring your service remains dynamic and responsive to your needs.
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