Advantages of Cashless solution


  • Payment via a single card or badge
  • No cash handling by staff
  • Multiple locations
  • A marketing tool thanks to company-branded personalised cards
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Reload on site or online with the portal option
  • Can be used in all RESTOMAX ecosystem solutions
  • Customers can check their balance at any time
  • Cashless card solution ideal for private/public/corporate events, festivals, catering establishments, restaurant chains, etc.

The cashless mode is compatible with the various solutions in the RESTOMAX ecosystem

With the cash register at the counter or at the table with pockets, your customers can top up their cards and then use them freely to pay for their consumption in your various establishments.

Pocket cash register

Via the cashless ordering kiosk fast food, they reload their card directly from the ordering kiosk, choose their food and beverages and pay for their order with their badge.

Ordering kiosk fast food

Taking a more digital approach?

With the online portal option, your customers can top up their cashless card, consult their balance, order history, tickets and invoices.

With click & collect, you take full advantage of the portal’s digital capabilities, with the option of ordering and paying directly online. Whether on site, for takeaway or delivery, your orders arrive directly at the checkout and on your establishment’s kitchen screen.

Click & Collect

To find out more about the Cashless and Restomax duo, watch this video:


A budget tailored to your needs

RESTOMAX presents pricing that is tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive our high-quality products at the most competitive rates. Rest assured, you won't find comparable quality for a lower price elsewhere.

A comprehensive ecosystem

With RESTOMAX, you have access to integrated solutions to improve your efficiency: in-room order-taking, ordering kiosk fast food, QR codes, remote printing, 3D seating plans, Uber Eats / Deliveroo connection, WEB backoffice...

Easy and time-saving

RESTOMAX products are very easy to use, and you will quickly realize what a huge time-saver they are! Our 7/7 support is available in case of any difficulties.

RESTOMAX solves all your problems

To speed up installations, reduce costs & make it easier to manage your facilities, we’re the only one-stop shop in Belgium that can meet ALL your needs.

30 solutions to your problems

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