Pocket functionalities - Take orders

Reduce input errors and save time!

  • Take orders at the table
  • Quick payment at the table with All-in-one devices or via a “Tap on phone” app
  • Table management
  • Customer account
  • Suggestions for complementary items, accompaniments, cooking, upselling
  • Billing by e-mail or printout
  • Andoid & iOS compatibility on tablet or smartphone format.


A budget tailored to your needs

From low-cost All-in-one terminals to shockproof, water-resistant PRO models, we have the right selection of products for your business strategy!

A comprehensive ecosystem

With the pocket, you communicate with all RESTOMAX solutions: send your orders directly to the kitchen and bar, improve your service with integrated suggestions and upselling, and reduce customer waiting times with payment at the table.

Easy and time-saving

RESTOMAX products are very easy to use, and you will quickly realize what a huge time-saver they are! Our 7/7 support is available in case of any difficulties.

Our All-in-one model

The all-in-one model is the perfect companion to take orders and payment, all in one device.

  • Stub printing directly on the terminal
  • Possibility of adding a pouch for added protection

Our shockproof and water-resistant model

Designed for very intensive use, our shock-proof model is ideal for use in busy establishments!

  • Shock and drop resistant*

  • Water-resistant

  • Available in 2 versions:

    • Compact, easy to carry
    • PRO, high performance with large screen

RESTOMAX solves all your problems

To speed up installations, reduce costs & make it easier to manage your facilities, we’re the only one-stop shop in Belgium that can meet ALL your needs.

30 solutions to your problems

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