Update 1.2.179

Overview of the main new features in version 1.2.179:

  • Revamped split bill with 3 modes (per line, in equal parts, per amount)
  • Choice of appearance for consumption modes
  • Customer file: automatic completion of contact details with VAT number
  • Customer file: addition of an e-mail field specific to invoicing
  • Time clock: identification via NFC badge

Revamped split bill function

In the new split module, 3 modes are possible:

  • Per line: corresponds to the standard split, this option allows you to select the items to be added to a new ticket.
  • Equal parts: allows you to generate tickets with equal values, for example the number of guests.
  • By amount: allows you to define a manual amount to be paid, with calculation help.

For a more detailed explanation of the different modes, please refer to the dedicated article: Split bill management


Appearance of consumption modes

Choose the display of consumption modes at checkout on all checkouts in the store

Either with the different consumption buttons (default)

Or with the consumption selector with a pay button

View tutorial

Automatic filling of contact details with VAT number

Simplify customer account creation with automatic import of contact details

We’ll show you how: View this tutorial

Addition of billing e-mail fields

Define a specific billing e-mail in your customer files

We’ll show you how: View tutorial


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