Modify the VAT of an item

VAT is an essential element, and different rates are provided for by law depending on the type of consumption and products sold.
We quickly explain how to assign the right VAT rate to an item

Tip: We recommend that you always specify default VAT rates in the hierarchy to speed up encoding. It is then not necessary to complete this in the item master record, unless you wish to force a different rate.
As a reminder, here are the rules currently in force*:

On-site :
Drinks with or without alcohol: 21% Belgium – 20% France
Food: 12% Belgium – 10% France


Drinks with alcohol: 21% Belgium – 20%
Soft drinks: 6% Belgium – 5.5%
Food: 6% Belgium – 5.5% France

*subject to change without notice – please refer to official SPF publications