Solving printing errors

During your service, your printer may not be able to print tickets!


In the event of printing errors, several causes are generally identified:

  • There’s not enough paper left in the printer, so it makes a fairly shrill BEEP repeatedly. Replace the roll via the front cover by pulling the button (blue box); once replaced, the BEEP will stop.

  • Check that the printer is switched on and that the Ethernet cable is connected to the device and to the router/power socket.

  • A self-test will ensure that the printer is properly connected to the network:

To do this, press the power and feed buttons on the front of the printer at the same time, and it should output a long ticket with its configuration. Sometimes you need to press these buttons before reconnecting the printer’s power supply.

  • Your PLUG&POS router is switched off: check that it is connected and that your cash registers are connected to the network.

To check that your POS is connected to the network:

  • The Wifi symbol must be green and the IP must be displayed with the nomenclature 172.29.29.xx (If it displays No-IP or another type of IP, it’s not passing through the PLUG&POS router).
  • The green cloud confirms that it is connected to the Internet (otherwise it will be red).