Glory stands as the global frontrunner in cash management technologies and solutions, offering a compact cash recycling system designed for automated cash handling and management at the point of sale.

Challenges like counting discrepancies, counterfeit bills, and operational costs can undermine store profitability. By automating cash management at the point of sale, these risks are significantly reduced, alleviating staff stress and enhancing their interaction with customers.

Glory : solution cash management

Integration with Restomax streamlines the operation of coin changers with both the cash register and the order terminal. With this setup, your staff no longer needs to manually manage cash, as activating the cash button automatically signals the coin acceptor.

This integration comes with numerous benefits:

  • Efficiency: Eliminates the need for manual opening/closing cash counts.
  • User-friendly: Automates transactions between the cash register and the coin acceptor seamlessly.
  • Security: Removes the need for your staff to handle cash directly.
  • Consolidation: Allows for the grouping of payment methods on a single receipt.

For additional details, visit our partner’s website: https://www.glory-global.com

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