Much like the convenience offered by a grocery vending machine, the bread vending machine provides access to bakery products around the clock. This meets the needs of an ever-demanding clientele who seek the convenience of purchasing goods at any time.

Whether you’re a baker, a retail shop owner, or a facility manager, various installation options are available:

For bakers: Position it adjacent to your bakery to cater to customers beyond regular business hours, or establish it as a standalone sales point. This can significantly boost your sales with minimal operational expenses.

For grocers, cheesemongers, delicatessen owners, or managers: Enhance your product range by offering 24/7 access to grocery or fresh produce vending machines (including cheese, dairy, delicatessen, and meat products), complemented by a bread vending machine.

For local authorities: Addressing the issue of declining shop presence in rural areas, which has left some villages without a bakery, the E-thik bread and baguette dispenser offers a solution by providing residents with easy access to fresh bread, baguettes, and hot croissants.

E-thik : distributeur automatique produits alimentaires

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