Deliveroo has become a premier platform for connecting customers with their favorite restaurants.

Orders can be placed through the Deliveroo website or its mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices. By entering your zip code, you can explore all the restaurants serving your area, select your preferred dishes, and place your order.

After the restaurant receives and prepares your order, packaging it with care, a Deliveroo courier will collect and deliver it straight to your doorstep.

Delivroo : plateforme livraison horeca

Restomax’s integration with Deliveroo, facilitated by the Deliverect platform, streamlines the process of managing online orders.

To utilize Deliveroo services in conjunction with the cash register, a Deliverect account is necessary.

This integration offers significant benefits:

  • Convenience: Orders are directly received at the till.
  • Time efficiency: Eliminates the need for re-entering data, as your till’s items and menus are automatically synced with the ordering services.
  • Increased accuracy: Reduces the risk of mistakes inherent in manual order entry.

For more details on our partner, visit: https://deliveroo.be



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