Freedelity can help you create, update and market your customer database directly with your POS software.

With its CustoCentrix solution, speed up and simplify the collection of data and email consents at the time of payment or booking.


An overview of the main functions:

  • Uniquely identify each of your customers, particularly when they make a reservation or pay their bill.
  • Speed up the collection of data and email consents. Simplify compliance with personal data processing requirements.
  • Benefit from automated updating of your customer data.
  • Automatically link spend and footfall data to the individual profile of each of your customers.
  • Reserve benefits and reward your most loyal customers.
  • Get to know them better so you can serve them even better.
  • Benefit from a 100% integrated email and SMS marketing solution.

With RESTOMAX integration, you can make the most of your customer data to boost your business!

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