Barestho’s mission is centered around making technology accessible for the restaurant industry. They aim to enhance restaurateurs’ efficiency by streamlining their booking process. Their innovative solution guarantees that every reservation is captured, whether it’s after hours or during holiday seasons.

Say goodbye to time lost on phone calls or missed business opportunities!

Barestho : plateforme réservation en ligne pour restaurant

For patrons of restaurants, Barestho makes dining out effortless by offering the ability to book online at any moment. Gone are the days of waiting for the restaurant to open or making repeated calls to secure a table. With Barestho’s platform, diners can immediately see the availability of partner restaurants and book a table with just a few clicks.

Beyond the basic service, Barestho provides an array of additional modules, tailored to the specific needs of each restaurant:

Barestho : plateforme pour restaurant

  • Seating plans for an easy view of table occupancy
  • Customer reviews, allowing patrons to post verified feedback
  • Statistics for a rapid summary of your restaurant’s performance metrics
  • Tools for managing no-shows and securing deposits to minimize lost reservations and foster customer loyalty.

Restomax integrates with Barestho to improve the efficiency of your online table reservations.

Thanks to this integration, you benefit from several advantages:
Duo Barestho et Restomax

  • Reservations are processed directly at the cash register.
  • The customer can specify intolerances or special requests.

More information about the solution on our partner’s website: https://www.barestho.com

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