Thanks to Charlotte Mikolajczak for her article in La Libre’s eco supplement.

In it, she recounts the history of my company advensys and PLUGANDPOS , recent developments (acquisitions of RESTOMAX and Barnaby) and ambitions for the future.

And even more important than the DESTINATION, the importance I place on the quality of the TRAVEL.

Which I illustrate, thanks to the inspiration of my friends at La SMALA, through the 4Ps, to which I add the 5th P of pleasure, each of which balances my entrepreneurial project.

The P of profit, which is not the cornerstone but a means and a necessity in business, my pride is or will be elsewhere!

The P of planet: we are actors, not spectators, and our choices today shape the world tomorrow.

And then there are the 2 P’s for PEOPLE AND PARTNERS: they’re all about people, well-being in society (my own and that of my partners, customers and suppliers, and the well-being of young people, which is particularly close to my heart), and a constantly evolving HR policy.

It’s all this that I wanted to convey in my exchanges with Charlotte Mikolajczak, and which she synthesized wonderfully well. Many thanks again

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